We proudly carry domestic rebar in various grades and sizes, as well as wire mesh, smooth dowels, tie wire and other products.

We can bend rebar to your specification, and our standard rebar bend chart shows commonly used bend types to help you communicate your needs to us.

Any order placed through our facility can be accompanied by a mill certification upon request, providing you and your clients with full confidence in the manufacturing standards of our steel.

Available at short notice Available to fabricate when calling ahead We need notice to order and fabricate
Whole rebar bundles in standard lengths, grades 40, 60 or 100 ASTM A615 cut/bent  Epoxy bar
Wire mesh ASTM A706 cut/bent  Galvanized bar
Dobbies Rebar for Auger Cast Pilings  Pre-tied Cages
 Tie Wire  Auger cast pilings
 Form Savers
 Smooth Dowels

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